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Agency Profile

Associates for Research Training and Computer Processing (ARTCOP), is a research and Training firm of Bangladesh located in Dhaka. The organization ARTCOP was established in 1986 with a view to conduct research/ studies such as Operation Researches, Surveys, Monitoring, Evaluation, Training, Needs Assessments,  Feasibility Studies, Cost Analysis etc. in the area of Population, Reproductive Health, Environment, Management Information System, Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Nutrition, Agriculture, Women Empowerment, Child Labour, Education and Development Issues and also organize training program in the above mention areas as well as priority of the Government and Supportive Organization as and when necessary.  In the mean time ARTCOP has successfully conducted more than 20 research/ studies through competitive bidding process with the National and International Organizations, Ministries and Development Partners. During the period ARTCOP also provided training to the officials of NNP, Members of the local government, Paramedics, Family Planning Field workers and local influential on different and priority issues of the collaborative agencies/ organization. Moreover, ARTCOP has been providing training on Data Entry, Coding and Editing, Data Analysis and various Computer Packages.

A number of expert professionals from different fields including Statistics, Economics, Demography, Anthropology, Public Health, Medicine, Reproductive Health, Agriculture, Environment, Information and Communication Technology and Management etc. have been enriched this organization’s capability with their knowledge and skills. The professional are working both full and part time as and when necessary.

Associates for Research Training and Computer Processing (ARTCOP), a private organization registered under the Company Law of 1913 and Ministry of Social Welfare. It has a well-furnished office in Dhaka and maintains branch offices at the time of project implementation in the selected project/study areas.

ARTCOP conducts research studies unilaterally as well as a consortium partner. It has attained high reputation both at home and abroad for its efficiency in meeting the commitment and quality of work.

ARTCOP has working relationships with many national and international agencies such as NIPORT, Directorate of FP, MOHFW, MOISCT, BMRC, MRC-MODE, BNNC, BBF, UNFPA, Canadian CIDA, WHO and others. ARTCOP conducted a good number of studies funded by Canadian CIDA, Ministry of Health and NIPORT has working relation since 1990. ARTCOP has also conducted “ATTA NIRVAR PUSHTI KARMASHUCHI” in Muktagacha, Mymenshing, Boalia, Faridpur, Putia, Rajshahi in the year 2000. It also organized seminars/ workshops. ARTCOP also conducted training program on STI, RTI and HIV/AIDS for SACMO and FWV of 100 UHFWC of six divisions of Bangladesh in collaboration with Centre of Excellence (COE), World University of Bangladesh. NIPOT provided the financial and technical assistance. Recently ARTCOP has successfully completed the evaluation survey in collaboration with COE on Integration of reproductive health survey for men at Union health and Family Welfare Center sponsored by NIPORT. It also completed Impact of Climate Change on Maternal and Child Health in Coastal Area of Bangladesh. 


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